About the ashram

Front gate to the ashram

Mandala Yoga Ashram is a retreat centre, an ideal place to learn and practise yoga. It is dedicated to helping people to go deeper in their practice, knowledge, inner transformation and self-awareness.

Yoga is not only an invaluable practical tool, but a philosophical system and way of life for bringing good health, peace, meaning, wisdom and joy into our lives.


Visiting the ashram

The ashram garden and kutir (hermitage), one of the accommodation buildings

The ashram is for those who are motivated to find meaning in their life and who would like to go deeper in their practice and understanding. It is a place for sadhana (yoga practice), transformative experience and awakening.

You are welcome to come and experience the harmonious and focused ashram energies by joining and participating in a course, or by staying in the ashram for a few days, a few weeks - or even a few years!



The ashram's annual newsletter is sent to a few thousand people worldwide and includes articles on yoga-related subjects,ashram news and details of ashram courses.

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