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Tue 20–Sun 25 February 2018 Meditation in Action: Karma Yoga Retreat
Fri 16–Sun 18 March 2018 A Celebration of the Spring Equinox, through Yoga and Shamanism
Wed 28–Mon 02 April 2018 Emotional Healing through Chanting and Meditation
Thu 12–Sun 15 April 2018 The Next Step: An Introduction to Ashram Life
Thu 19–Sun 22 April 2018 How to Teach Yoga as Therapy for Those with Anxiety and Burnout Syndrome
Thu 26–Sun 29 April 2018 Who am I? Reflections on the Nature of Self
Thu 03–Sun 13 May 2018 PranaVidya: Exploring Your Energetic Potential
Sun 03–Sun 03 June 2018 Open Day
Thu 07–Sun 10 June 2018 Yoga, Mindfulness and Mental Health
Thu 21–Sun 24 June 2018 The Alchemy of Mantra
Thu 28–Sun 01 July 2018 Transformative Power of Awareness
Fri 13–Sun 22 July 2018 Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha: Doorways to Meditation This course was originally scheduled for 3 retreats in the spring of 2018, but is now rearranged into these 9 days in July
Wed 25–Sun 29 July 2018 Discovering and Giving Voice to the Inner Self
Wed 01–Sun 05 August 2018 The Song of the Heart Avec une traduction en français par Dhyana Bindu
Wed 08–Sun 12 August 2018 Ashram Festival: A Celebration of Music, Sound and Mantra
Fri 17–Mon 27 August 2018 Facing Death, Embracing Life
Wed 19–Sun 23 September 2018 The Sacred Feminine
Thu 27–Sun 30 September 2018 Feeling of Being: Yoga and Focusing for Personal Growth and Liberation
Tue 02–Sat 06 October 2018 Yoga Therapy for the Back, Neck and Joints
Thu 11–Sun 14 October 2018 The Kind Heart: Compassion Practices for the Self and Others
Thu 18–Sun 21 October 2018 Meditation - Going Deeper
Sat 27–Sat 03 November 2018 Kriya Yoga - The Means of Awakening Energy, Creativity and Insight 1st retreat of 4
Thu 22–Sun 25 November 2018 From Sound to Silence - Mantra Yoga