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The Joy of Living with Swami Anubhavananda

I have known Swamiji since 2007 when I had the wonderful opportunity of being his student on a year-long Vedanta training course in India. The teachings he gave then have formed the bedrock of my spiritual life ever since. He has an extraordinary depth of knowledge of the spiritual texts which he is able to share in such an accessible and humorous way without losing any of the essential message. Devotional by nature, Swamiji is easily approachable and has the gift of making the person in front of him feel valued He is a contemporary Master whose motto – Be Happy – is a quality he lives and freely shares in his daily interactions as he travels from place to place.

Full Circle

Nirbhaya, a graduate from the 2012-2014 Yoga Teacher Training Course, reflects on the penultimate day of the course which she describes as one of the most unique, uplifting and profound days of her life.

Insights into Healing Addiction Through Yoga

I discovered yoga over 10 years ago. Initially, I used to go to a class intermittently depending on how motivated I felt or what else there was around to distract me. This went on for a number of years, but with a growing interest, I started going to workshops and retreats, spending a little more time diving deeper into my self. Gradually the practice of yoga began to fill my life more and more.

Inaugural Yoga Therapy Course October 2014

Conducting the Yoga Therapy course at the Mandala Yoga Ashram was a big privilege and an opportunity to share with fellow yoga practitioners.
It was my first course at the Ashram and I was very much touched by the enthusiasm, sincerity and openness of all 26 participants. I was very honoured by the interest shown in the course and the fact the many people came from so far away even as far as Holland and Spain!


• Number of Beads and their Symbolism. The most common mala consists of
108 beads, although those of 27 and 54 are also used. In Yoga, 108 is considered a sacred
number. The reason is as follows:
The number 1 represents Oneness, Unity, Perfection and Totality.
The number 8 symbolises Nature, the manifest universe, as well as the individual personality.


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