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Sadhana (practice) Hall and menhir (standing stone)

The aims of the ashram are to:

  • help aspiring seekers to find meaning and fulfilment in life by awakening wisdom, joy and realisation of our spiritual identity as Awareness
  • teach the authentic practices of the different paths of yoga, including hatha, gyana, bhakti, karma, mantra, kundalini and kriya yogas
  • present high-quality and inspiring residential courses on yoga and related subjects to bring clarity, understanding and renewed purpose to people’s lives
  • promote yoga as a means of improving physical, emotional and mental health and well-being
  • be a quiet, safe and peaceful haven where people can retreat from their daily lives and responsibilities to deepen their practice of yoga, thereby gaining understanding of their emotions and mind, as well as insight into Awareness
  • be a mandala (a centre of focused energy and creativity) where people can learn to live harmoniously and wisely with themselves, with others and with the rhythms of nature
  • provide a place where people can learn and practice karma yoga (working with complete focus in the present moment) to increase efficiency and Awareness in action
  • train professional, creative and inspiring yoga teachers to carry the light of yoga into our world, thereby helping to bring about a better tomorrow
  • provide a supportive community, where one can live a simple dedicated life sharing with other yogic practitioners, that is aligned with yogic values and whose prime aim is to deepen our understanding and gain insight into the mystery of Being-existence.