The ashram and the environment

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Food growing in one of the polytunnels in the ashram garden


The ashram uses energy for hot water, central heating, lighting and cooking. We have:

  • installed 16 photo-voltaic solar panels which generate 2.5MWh of electricity per year
  • improved insulation in all buildings
  • installed low-energy light bulbs.

We are currently investigating options for using more renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint.


We grow some of our own food in the ashram garden all year round using organic principles. We do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides - we use compost made from our own food waste. The fruit and vegetables we buy are seasonal, normally organic, and grown as locally as possible. Some of the other food we buy is also organic and grown locally. This results in lower food miles than would otherwise be the case, reducing our carbon emissions and our contribution to global warming.

Tree planting

Over the years, the ashram has planted thousands of trees all all types, including deciduous, coniferous and fruit trees. This absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help counteract global warming.


We recycle all of the ashram's uncooked food waste onto the compost heaps in the garden to be used for growing more food. We recycle all the types of waste that the local authority's recycling site accepts.

Cleaning Products

Most of the cleaning products we use are produced by a company which is active in reducing the environmental impacts of its products and operations.