Ashram's organisational structure

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Board of Trustees

Abhaya Rupa (Chair), Rajesh David (Vice-Chair), Swami Atma, Nataraj/ Norman Martell, Swami Krishnapremananda, Gambhira/ Jane Wood and Yoga Bija/ Russell Smithers.

The role of the trustees is to oversee the appropriate governance of the ashram.

Founder and Director

Swami Nishchalananda (Swamiji)

Senior Core Team

Swamiji, Nick Edge (Operations Manager), Maha Sattwa, Swami Krishnapremananda and Reva

Their role is to skillfully guide the smooth and effective direction of the ashram in its ongoing growth and evolution.

Current Ashram Team (in addition to the above management team)

Hamsa, Cliff, Sanandi, Tony and Phil who all help provide the necessary teamwork in both a practical and teaching capacity in the service of the ashram and all who visit.