Benefits of teaching yoga

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Teaching asana (physical postures) in the ashram's Sadhana Hall

Students and practitioners of yoga are all well aware of the benefits yoga can have on all levels of our being. Teaching yoga can be a way of passing on to others what we have received. It gives us an opportunity to practice karma yoga by serving others, enabling us to help others to improve the quality of their lives. Service (seva) is an essential aspect of yoga and is fundamental in the process of deepening our understanding and awakening to a deeper realisation of the ground of our Being.

Teaching yoga puts us in touch with people on a deeper level and gives us the opportunity to respond creatively and practically to their needs. In teaching yoga, we humbly share our personal experience of yoga with others:

  • sharing on a physical level by helping people to improve the strength, flexibility and health of their body
  • sharing on a mental level by helping people to gain understanding of how their mental processes work and to calm the mind
  • sharing on an emotional level by creating a safe environment for people to process and release emotions
  • sharing on a sublime level, by providing the space from which students are enabled to see beyond the veil of conditioned everyday perception and realise there is more to our being.

Teaching yoga also motivates us to learn more about yoga and deepen our own practice. In this way, we enhance our understanding of yoga, its teachings and its vast repertoire of practices, together with a greater appreciation of their effects on our body, mind, emotions and energy. We are obliged to deepen our perception and self-understanding. Only then can we help others to do likewise. Through such inner growth, energised by practice, we are ready to share these practices with others so that, with guidance, they too may discover their effects and benefits for themselves.

For more information on becoming a yoga teacher, find out about the ashram's yoga teacher training course.