Influential people in the growth of the Ashram

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Swami Sivadhara in the ashram's Sadhana HallSwami Sivadhara lived in the ashram from its beginning until 1997. With Swami Nishchalananda she had pioneered the establishment of the ashram and was an inspiration and good friend to many people. She is an inspiring singer and an inspiration in her heart-centred teachings. She now lives in central Wales and conducts yoga seminars throughout the UK, France and Sweden. For further information on her seminars please contact her on 01691 831 823.






Swami Neel Kamal in the ashram's Sadhana HallSwami Neel Kamal was ashram director from 1998 - 2001. In the mid-1980s she met Swami Nishchalananda and became actively involved in helping the ashram in those pioneering days. She sadly died of lung cancer in 2001. The residents and her numerous friends were devastated. Her last few days and weeks were characterised by a sense of joy and inner illumination.






Tattwa Bodha in the ashram's library

Tattwa Bodha was a professional librarian and became the ashram's librarian in 2002 and created the library. This fulfilled Swami Nishchalanda's vision that, besides being a place of yogic practice, the ashram would evolve into a place of study and creativity. She was a beloved friend of the ashram and died sadly in 2013. She will ever be in the hearts of many of us.