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Yoga teachers trained at Mandala Yoga Ashram

Please see our Ashram Network which includes over 100 people who support the ashram in their local areas. The network is divided into yoga teachers trained directly by the ashram, yoga teachers trained elsewhere yet inspired by the ashram, and non teaching ashram ambassadors.

Workshops by those associated with Mandala Yoga Ashram


Swami Sivadhara
Yoga seminars in the UK and Europe.
Contact: 01691 831 823

Rajesh David and Upasana (Marye Wyvill)
Quality programmes in the UK and Europe.
Contact: or

Hridaya Purna (Monica Douglas Clark)
Nurturing yoga classes, retreats and seminars


Amrit Bindu (Richard Larcheveque) Imphy, Nievre

Weekly yoga class and occassional kirtans and meditation workshops.

Yoga Kutir (Mangala) Tourettes and Provence

Individual classes as well as group classes in many aspects of yoga including hatha, chanting, meditation. +33 (0)973 166 58

Yoga organisations within the UK

Padmasambhava Yoga Centre in Llandeilo, offering weekly classes and seminars
British Wheel of Yoga
British Wheel of Yoga Wales region twitter

Yoga centres in Europe


Association Purna Yoga, Six Fours les Plages (near Toulon)

Yoga Sharana, a yoga association in South West France


     Burren Yoga Centre 



Madrid: Aushadhi Escuela de Yoga 

Madrid: Bindu, Escuela de Yoga de Chamartin

Barcelona: Cami de Llum - Centro de Yoga 

Bilbao: Hari Om Escuela de Yoga


SYS Yoga Sverige, in Bollnäs (north of Uppsala)