Purpose of Friends of the Ashram

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To safeguard the future of the Ashram, it has become very clear to Swamiji, Ashram trustees and senior teachers that it needs to continue to operate on a sustainable financial footing. Alongside ongoing course income, and periodic donations, a steady and stable flow of income through ‘Friends of the Ashram’ would allow the Ashram to not only cover its day to day running costs, but also to continue to enhance the facilities it offers.

Being a Friend of the Ashram allows you to play a vital role in supporting the ongoing mission of the Ashram and the invaluable service that it offers, not just to you but to countless others into the future, including those on low incomes.

By making a monthly, or annual donation, you would become part of a much greater whole; a dedicated body of people who have been touched by the Ashram in some way and who then make an affordable contribution so that the Ashram can continue to uplift and inspire the lives of so many.

Watch a short video by Swami Krishnapremananda outlining Friends of the Ashram.

On the Practical Steps to joining Friends of the Ashram page, we have given suggested amounts that we hope are affordable to most and that are in line with other organisations that rely so much on their supporters for their ongoing viability (such as the National Trust, RSPB etc).

We can’t offer you any shiny badges or special gifts! What we can assure you is that your contribution will be most gratefully received and will go directly towards putting  the Ashram on a more sustainable financial footing, to allow it to continuing shining as a beacon for the next 30 years and beyond.