Staying in the ashram

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Maha Sattwa practising karma yoga in the ashram kitchen

Ashram life can be a haven from the busy, often frenetic, life of modern day society. If offers a place of retreat where we can become more in touch with ourselves. Most people visit for short stays, from a 2-day weekend to a week or perhaps a month. This is often for one of the ashram’s residential courses, or can be simply to stay and participate in daily ashram life.

Reasons to do so include:

•    To gain inspiration for our life and yoga practice
•    To deepen our experience of yoga and its application in our daily life
•    To illuminate our self-understanding
•    To take time out within a yoga environment
•    To gain clarity on our direction in life

People can also come to the ashram for extended stays.

All visitors are kindly requested to engage in ashram activities, including karma yoga, in the spirit of service and to observe silence during lunch, supper and from 9pm until breakfast the next day.

It is no problem to use a mobile phone whilst staying in the ashram if there are specific family responsibilities etc. that need attention. We do ask however for mobiles to be used with discretion and in the carpark area (area of best reception) only. It is also encouraged whilst in the ashram for short stays to minimise ties with the outside world in order to fully immerse, and gain greater benefit from, the ashram experience.

Smoking, alcohol and non-prescription drugs are not permitted within the ashram. Tobacco smoking is permissable outside the main ashram gate.