Swami Nishchalananda

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Swami Nishchalananda is the founder and spiritual head of Mandala Yoga Ashram. He spent 14 years in India, from 1971 - 1985, where he studied and practised different paths of yoga. During this period he also conducted many seminars on yoga and meditation throughout the subcontinent in villages, towns, cities and in industrial companies. 

In 1985 he returned to Europe to establish Mandala Yoga Ashram and propagate the profound teachings he had received. From then to the present day he has been teaching yoga and yoga-related subjects in the ashram and all over Europe. Many people have been touched by his inspiring yet practical, down-to-earth teachings and have realised a new meaningful dimension in their lives. He has also conducted and inspired yoga teacher training courses in the ashram and elsewhere so that highly trained teachers can pass on the life-transforming message and teachings of yoga. He feels that yoga is an invaluable practical system and way of life to bring meaning, wisdom and joy into our lives, thereby helping to harmonise society and bring peace into our troubled world.

He has written several books and booklets, created several chanting, meditation and yoga nidra recordings and teaches in the ashram.