Visiting for a residential yoga course

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2014-2015 chakra course tutors & students

The ashram runs a full program of residential yoga and meditation courses each year, from late February to November. They range from 2 or 3-day weekends through to 7 days, 10 days or two weeks, or longer. They are all designed to convey the profound and practical wisdom and techniques that yoga offers in all its forms that can make such a qualitative difference to our daily life and self-understanding. 

An example of a daily course timetable. It always includes:

  • an early morning yoga class
  • chanting (mantra yoga) and meditation
  • karma yoga during the morning
  • course sessions: one in the late morning, two in the afternoon and one in the evening
  • free time - to share with others, be in nature, rest, practice yoga or simply be quiet (mouna).

When coming for a course, it is possible to arrive or depart a day or so earlier or later, in order to extend the ashram experience and follow the normal ashram daily routine.