What you eat

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Lunch ready in the dining room

All our food is vegetarian, with many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs freshly picked from our garden. It is all home-cooked - you may be involved in helping prepare meals for your karma yoga.

We have 3 meals each day: breakfast is usually porridge, lunch is the main meal of the day and we have soup for supper.

The food is delicious and nourishing, to support good health and purify the physical body to encourage yogic practice and meditation - the food we eat has a very direct effect on our minds and emotions. We minimise the use of processed food and meals are prepared with awareness and love.

Lunch and supper commence with a short chant and the first half of these meals is in mouna (silence) to give us time to more fully appreciate the gift of the food that we're eating.

We can cater for common food allergies - please tell us in advance when you make your booking.

salad from the ashram gardenThe ashram kitchen has been given a 5 star rating by the UK Food Standards Agency.

If you enjoy our food you may like to try it at home, making recipes from the Mandala Yoga Ashram Cookbook, available from the Ashram Shop.