Where you stay

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The large dormitory above the Sadhana Hall


The ashram accomodation is simple - not luxurious! Most of our rooms are shared dormitories (all-men or all-women) for up to 6 people. Some people are initially reluctant to share a room, but we find that most people enjoy the experience. We have mouna (silence) from 9pm until breakfast the next day so you will not be disturbed by talking room-mates. We also have a handful of single rooms which are prioritised for people with medical need. The beds are single - or may be a mattress on the floor - and there is a chest of drawers and/ or shelves.


The bathrooms are shared with showers (not baths). Ashram water comes from rainwater and natural springs so we ask our visitors to be aware of the water they are using and use as little as possible, especially during periods of extensive dry weather.

Shared spaces

The Sadhana Hall is available for your own yoga practice at any time, or simply to sit quietly, provided that there is not a course session taking place.
The communal dining room and conservatory are where we eat our meals - or outside in the garden if the sun is shining! They are also great places to relax, read or talk with like-minded people.
There is a kitchen where you can help yourself to a cup of tea at any time.

Outside spaces

We have beautiful gardens for you to walk and sit in to reflect and enjoy nature.
The surrounding counntryside is stunning with views to the Brecon Beacons and local walks for enjoyment and contemplation.