Personal feedback from the recent Sacred Feminine Festival of Yoga

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This festival exceeded my expectations in so many ways and the range of sessions and new experiences have all filled me with the unconditional love, laughter and empathy of sisterhood and the divine feminine.  I feel ready to embrace life anew and seek to fulfil my abundant potential.  For me, the festival was transformational in that it has allowed for a significant shift to take place deep inside me, moving the hurt, bitterness and negativity of recent wounds and loss and filling me with positivity and an ability to release, let go and accept.  I feel as if I can live more in the present now rather than hanging on to the past and reliving memories that only bring sadness and grief.  The dance workshop helped me to connect to my authentic self, tapping into sensations as old as the forests and as light as the heavens above!  I was ecstatic all the way home!
The more I experience ashram life, the more I love the way complete strangers come together in harmony, with empathy, support and unconditional love.
I want to thank you all for creating the space and opportunity for myself and many others to feel a significant change in ourselves and the love of the universe.
I can't wait to come back again!

The Sacred Feminine Festival of yoga flowed with mantras, music, workshops and dance in a celebration of the Divine Feminine and her expression in our lives today. It started with a warm welcome and continued though to a deeper exploration and sharing with inspiring women. There was a peaceful atmosphere the festival and heart- warming connections with people. I left feeling refreshed and inspired on my journey as a yogini.   

I just wanted to say, I had such a super experience at the ashram for The Sacred Feminine festival of yoga.
I loved the sessions and time away to rest and rejuvenate, finding peace and creating much needed space in mind! I feel refreshed and inspired to go on with my work, taking more care of myself and inspired to share with others.
Thank you so much for all your efforts in running the festival. All the amazing women who were present sharing the excellent sessions, and of course the delicious and nourishing food. The chanting and ceremonies were the icing on the cake! It was all set within the wonderful ashram setting amidst beautiful countryside, creating the perfect haven to let go and release!!
I hope you can run these retreats frequently. We all need them to keep our balance and harmony.

The festival definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of workshops, speakers, and the connections made. The organisation was excellent as was the food!! We experienced lots of fun and sharing and yet also very deep powerful practices which were transformational! Overall it was a very meaningful and real experience, which has refreshed and inspired me. I was exhausted mentally and emotionally when I arrived; I’m leaving renewed and inspired!!