Discovering and Giving Voice to the Inner Self

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Wednesday 25 July 2018 to Sunday 29 July 2018
4 days
with Maha Sattwa

Send a link to a friendSend a link to a friendMost of us will recognize that whilst our mind can be one of our greatest gifts, it can at times also be a real troublemaker. We know that there is great peace within ourselves, yet the scattered mind prevents us from accessing our peaceful nature; the limiting conditioning of the mind prevents us from revealing the beauty of our essential nature. The challenge of the spiritual path, and the focus of this retreat, is the ongoing process of rediscovering our Inner Self, nurturing it, empowering it and giving it a voice so that we can express it through the way we live our lives.
Yoga gives us many tools to help in this process. Meditation not only allows us to connect to the inner calm; that space where the dissipated mental tendencies recede but also helps develop the necessary awareness to look within, to recognize our positive qualities. Through chanting and other practices we can empower those aspects, giving us the capacity to stand up for what we believe in, to have our say, speak our truth and express what lies within. While chanting frees our everyday singing and speaking voice it can also be a portal to that quiet inner voice of knowing that speaks to us of Truth. The voice of this most personal and intimate of companions, whilst often drowned by the noisy mind, can become our most faithful guide in life, if we can start to hear and trust it’s wisdom.
The annual celebration of Guru Purnima (Thanksgiving to the Spiritual Teacher/ Teachings) coincides with this retreat and there will be a full day of celebrations, giving us the opportunity to connect with the guiding energy associated with this day. During the retreat we will also be using practices such as meditation and chanting, amongst others, to help us reconnect with our innermost selves and explore the use of our voices to start to allow that gradual process of unfolding, revealing, and sharing of our essential nature.




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8pm Wednesday


after lunch on Sunday (approximately 2pm)

Plan to arrive: 

before 5.30pm on Wednesday