Festival of Yoga: The Sacred Feminine

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Saturday 26 August 2017 to Wednesday 30 August 2017
Spirituality from a Feminine Perspective

This festival is an opportunity for yogic practitioners to come together to share their vision of female spirituality and how it can be fully expressed and disseminated in the modern world.

The spiritual atmosphere of the ashram provides an ideal place for an exchange of hearts where we can learn from each other and discuss the following questions:

•    What is female spirituality?
•    How can it be expressed more creatively in the world of yoga?
•    Who are our female spiritual role models?
•    How can we help each other to promote the sacred feminine in the modern world?
•    Once women were at the centre of spiritual practice in many ancient traditions across the globe, at a time in history when there was a strong matriarchal influence. It is only over the last few thousands of years that most religions and spiritual systems, including yoga, were framed in masculine terms by men. How do women feel about this and how can it be changed?
•    In the past, all aspects of the female, including the power of female creativity and sexuality, have been suppressed. How can this be addressed in the modern age?
Other questions will also arise and be addressed and discussed.

During this festival, there will be a wide range of workshops in which female speakers from different countries and backgrounds will share their knowledge and experience on female-related topics.
Apart from workshops, the festival will also consist of guided yoga practices and meditations, together with the collective creation of a mandala (sacred diagram) and an ongoing havan (the chanting of sacred feminine-orientated mantras around a fire). Most importantly, there will be lots of joyful sharing, dancing, singing and laughing.

Men are also welcome to attend this festival to enhance their understanding of spirituality from a feminine perspective. Bear in mind however that a number of the workshops and meetings each day will be reserved exclusively for women. During these times the men can sit around the fire, or help with karma yoga, and perhaps share amongst themselves the inspiration they have gained from the festival.

You are welcome to join us for this unique event.

Costs: £295 for an inside dormitory space: £245 in your own tent. After you have booked, kindly email the ashram office - info@mandalayoga.net - to state whether your choice is the inside dormitory or tent.




All deposits are non-refundable
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When in the ashram you can also pay by cash.



8pm on Saturday


after lunch on Wednesday (approximately 2pm)

Plan to arrive: 

before 5.30pm on Saturday