Gyana Yoga and Advaita

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Thursday 26 October 2017 to Sunday 29 October 2017
Conducted with Nick Edge

Gyana yoga, one of the classical paths of yoga, can be defined as the Yoga of Insight or Knowledge. It is a path for those that take little satisfaction in concepts and belief structures – it is for those that need to know for themselves That towards which all concepts and religious symbolism point.

Gyana yoga is not a knowing based on learning or thinking: it is a knowing felt at the deepest level of our being through the revelation of Insight.

The path of gyana yoga offers its challenges – we have to let go, willingly or otherwise, of what we currently think we know. This includes our concepts and beliefs that offer our ego sense such comfort and support. This process renders us open to the possibility of insight into the currently hidden dimensions of our being – we come to realise in our own being That which has been alluded to by all mystical traditions.
Though demanding at times it is a path of incredible wonder.

The philosophy of advaita could be seen as the culmination of the process of gyana yoga, in fact the culmination of all paths of yoga. Advaita means non-dual, not two: that fundamentally all there is Consciousness, Being, and that the entire Universe (that includes you and me as well) is an expression of this Reality.

During this long weekend we will work with practical methods to help open us up to the possibility of Insight. These will include reflection on sacred texts in order to challenge, and even dismantle, what we currently assume to be true. There will also be meditation, mantra, satsang and yoga nidra to catalyse a deepening of understanding.




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8pm on Thursday


after lunch on Sunday (approximately 2pm)

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