Meditation in Action: Karma Yoga Retreat

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Tuesday 20 February 2018 to Sunday 25 February 2018
5 days
Senior ashram teachers

Send a link to a friendSend a link to a friendThe understanding of karma yoga and its application in practice is fundamental if we wish to live and deepen our yoga practice in the crucible of daily life. Succinctly put, karma yoga is the practice of working in the present moment, not simply from our conditioned and reactive mind, but from the deeper space of Awareness. It is the giving of ourselves in service to life both within and around us. Our actions and interactions become both efficient and effective as they arise from a more mature, clear and compassionate understanding.

Come join us for these 5 days. You will deepen your self-understanding through the practice of karma yoga – working in the moment, sharing with others and giving of yourself. Each day will include a hatha yoga class, chanting and meditation before breakfast, karma yoga through the morning and 2 hours late afternoon, finishing off with an evening session of satsang (questions and answers) and chanting. At other times you will be free for personal practice, reflection and walking in the pristine natural surroundings of the ashram.




All deposits are non-refundable

You can also book and pay by cheque or cash: click on this link


8pm on Tuesday


after lunch on Sunday (approximately 2pm)

Plan to arrive: 

before 5.30pm on Tuesday