Overcoming Obstacles

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Friday 09 March 2018 to Sunday 11 March 2018
with Maha Sattwa

Harnessing the energy of Obstacles to empower ourselves

Most of us are familiar with the feelings of frustration and dejection that can arise as a result of the struggles that we face in life. These can leave us feeling drained and despairing at how best to cope. Eventually we may ask ourselves, is there another way?

Radical though it may seem, most of our problems in life are not external, but created by the unruly mind. Challenges will always be there in one form or another, but ultimately our suffering arises out of our internal mental reaction to these situations. It is the emotional, reactive mind that creates the problems and the pain. From this perspective, the mind, through its conditioning and deeply ingrained habits, is the greatest culprit in keeping us locked in suffering. During this weekend retreat, we will be exploring tried and tested yoga practices - such as asana, mantra, meditation and yoga nidra – that provide simple and effective ways of creating new, healthier habits in order to unlock our innate potential.

We all have a quiet voice deep within us that gives us all the guidance and wisdom we ever need. Learning to connect with our inner Knowing and harnessing the energy bound up in the obstacles of Life to empower that inner guidance, frees up new opportunities, awakens creativity and empowers our self-confidence. As we connect with the very core of our being we regain our innate capacity for quiet contentment, wonder and appreciation of the extraordinary beauty and abundance of Life.

Yoga in its broadest sense offers us many effective tools, which we can use to deal with, even transform, our struggles so that they become stepping-stones for continued transformation, growth and understanding. We will be looking at practical ways of working with obstacles and challenges for the benefit of ourselves and others in our life. We will look at redirecting our energy and focus into dealing with Life and all that it brings in a more creative, experimental and empowering way.

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