PranaVidya: Exploring Your Energetic Potential

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Thursday 23 May 2019 to Sunday 02 June 2019
10 days including the late May bank holiday Monday
Conducted by Swami GyanDharma

Send a link to a friendSend a link to a friendPrana is the energy, gross and subtle, which pervades and underlies all things from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy. In living creatures, it is often defined as ‘Life Force’ and is the energy that enables us to live, breathe and act in the world.
PranaVidya means ‘knowledge of energy’ and it is a yogic practice for liberating energy and using it for healing. Prana is not only confined to physical vitality but it is that energy or force that gives rise to flashes of wisdom and life-transforming insight. It can be increased through letting go of habitual mental and emotional patterns, which is why PranaVidya is considered both a healing and meditative practice.
PranaVidya cultivates the wisdom of peacefully accepting ourselves whether we are full of energy or exhausted, well or unwell. Powerful insights may arise in both health and sickness. Healing implies not only increased physical vitality, but more fundamentally, that our inner spirit resolves its inner conflicts.
PranaVidya is concerned with acknowledging, then sensitizing and finally awakening the subtle energy pathways within, specifically in the service of healing and self-awakening. The practices systematically direct prana – life energy – in specific channels that enhance vitality, induce meditation, heighten creativity and enable the healing of oneself and others. Join us for these 10 days to explore how the practices of PranaVidya can awaken the innate potential within your energy body and mind.




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8pm on Thursday


after lunch on Sunday (approximately 2pm)

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before 5.30pm on Thursday