The Sacred Feminine

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Thursday 10 October 2019 to Sunday 13 October 2019
long weekend
with Reva

Send a link to a friendSend a link to a friendThis retreat for women offers a rare gift to share deeply with other women. We will explore the different phases of woman - maiden, mother, matriarch and crone.  As we disentangle ourselves from the social, cultural and religious expectations and assumptions that no longer serve us, we can step more into our authentic being. We will bring a deeper understanding to the menstrual or moon cycle, giving us the wisdom to navigate through our internal seasons consciously. Through simple yet profound practices we will awaken and reconnect to our womb space; the womb being our innate source of wisdom and power, the sacred vessel of creativity and life. Woven through this retreat will be an exploration of the qualities attributed to Goddess Durga – self-empowerment, determination, courage to face the challenges of life, and a wild Grace.

The retreat will also include daily hatha yoga classes, meditations, chanting, karma yoga, (selfless service), yoga nidra, havan (sacred fire) and ecstatic free dance.

 (This retreat is suitable for all women including those who have had a hysterectomy or who are post-menopausal).





All deposits are non-refundable
You can also book and pay by cheque or bank transfer: click on this link
When in the ashram you can also pay by cash.


8pm Thursday


after lunch on Sunday (approximately 2pm)

Plan to arrive: 

before 5.30pm on Thursday