The Song of the Heart

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Wednesday 01 August 2018 to Sunday 05 August 2018
4 days
Avec une traduction en français par Dhyana Bindu
Directed by Swami Nishchalananda with Rajesh David

This retreat will introduce practices for awakening the joy and wisdom of the heart. There will lots of sharing and fun. The practices will be very simple, yet profound and radical. Many will involve mantra chanting and singing. These practices heal the heart and transform negative emotions such as fear and resentment into friendliness and free flowing love. This transformation touches the fullness of the individual: body, mind, heart and spirit. Through these practices we will not only live more fully, but we will also relate to others in a more caring and loving way.
Rajesh is a devotional composer and singer with a background in Indian classical music. He has been a student of Swamiji’s for many years, under whose encouragement he has developed seminars on Nada Yoga and classical yogic texts which he has taught throughout the UK and abroad. He has an ever growing and popular range of CDs, key ones of which are available via the ashram.
Love and compassion are innate in each and every one. They only need to be given the opportunity to express. In fact, existence itself is deeply and tenderly interconnected. Yet our natural heart qualities are obscured by the make-up of our personality, the need to protect, or defend ourselves and the need to impose ourselves in society. We forget our true nature and identify ourselves with separation, hurt and struggle.
This retreat will help you to reconnect with what you are and to gradually clean the dust that covers your inner, pristine, diamond-like nature. Through the practices, the lotus flower within the heart will unfold: growing and blossoming to reveal deep peace, joy and fulfilment.
Guided by Swamiji, the emphasis of this retreat is on personal experience.
There will be an ongoing translation into French by Dhyana Bindu.

Swami Nishchalananda has had a long standing vulnerability in his respiratory system and is therefore highly susceptible to any infectious coughs and colds etc. We therefore kindly ask you to postpone your ashram visit if you have any infectious respiratory condition prior to the start of the course.
If you catch such an infectious condition whilst in the ashram kindly be aware that we will need to ask you to stay in your accommodation space, and certainly away from the hall when teaching is taking place.
If this leaves you undecided about what to do, then please do give the Ashram a call (+44(0)1558 685358) and we can talk to you in person.





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