From Sound to Silence - Mantra Yoga

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Thursday 22 November 2018 to Sunday 25 November 2018
3 days
Conducted by Swami GyanDharma

Send a link to a friendSend a link to a friendMantras awakens the heart and refine the inner pathways to enable innate joy within to bubble up to the surface of our awareness. The sound vibrations of mantras trigger an energetic and dynamic process which allows us to let go of mechanical and repetitive thinking. This enables us to authentically taste what it means to be in the present moment. The habitual circles in which the mind usually moves are broken, freeing up mental energy for more creative endeavours. 

As the mind slowly becomes absorbed in the practice of Mantra Yoga it creates a safe inner island from which one can view the often stormy sea of the mind. This safe inner centre allows a compassionate embracing of the mind in all its manifestations and, as a consequence, the possibility of engaging oneself in profound self-enquiry. Mantra Yoga is also a practical tool for channelling strong emotions and for awakening the heart. The voice of the heart is thereby empowered to express itself in ever more joyful, creative and life enhancing ways. 




All deposits are non-refundable
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When in the ashram you can also pay by cash.


8pm on Thursday


after lunch on Sunday (approximately 2pm)

Plan to arrive: 

before 5.30pm Thursday