Transformative power of Awareness

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Wednesday 02 August 2017 to Sunday 06 August 2017
4 days
Course now fully booked - waiting list in operation. Course running again June 28 - July 1 2018
Conducted by Swami GyanDharma

During this seminar you will be guided into the mystery of the mind and the Awareness that expresses through, and underlies it. Sessions will include exploring the tantric meditation practice of antar mouna - inner silence - together with sustained chanting practices which will enable you to touch an inner meditative stillness. There will also be early morning hatha yoga classes, yoga nidra (deep yogic relaxation), evening satsang (questions and answers) and kirtan (collective chanting).
Awareness is a revelatory quality: it enables us to befriend our own minds, so we can look at who we are with full attention and compassion. Fear and negativity can often overwhelm us but Awareness allows us to see other possibilities, to consciously choose motivations, actions and relationships that beautify our life. Awareness is a soothing balm to the over-active mind, but it also acts like a knife that cuts through illusion and self-limiting concepts. It helps us to heal and wake up. During this retreat Swami GyanDharma will share practices that help to cultivate the transforming power of Awareness which allows us to befriend our mind and be more at ease in our daily interactions. This awakens spontaneous joy and deep relaxation in our life.
This seminar will include a havan (sacred fire ceremony). The practices, adeptly conveyed through Swami GyanDharma’s insight and compassionate heart, will promote deeper self-exploration, touch the inner springs of joy through chanting, and develop a sharper quality of attention in action – the hallmarks of the transformative power of Awareness.



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10% discount if booked by 1 May 2017



This course is now full and a waiting list is in operation. Kindly contact the ashram office to be added to the waiting list (which has just started on June 25th). You may also wish to consider checking the ashram website, and/or call the ashram office on +44 (0)1558 685358, for details of other similar ashram courses in 2017 and beyond.



8pm on Wednesday


after lunch on Sunday (approximately 2pm)

Plan to arrive: 

before 5pm on Wednesday