Yoga, Mindfulness and Mental Health

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Thursday 07 June 2018 to Sunday 10 June 2018
with Amarajyoti

Mental health issues are ubiquitous in our modern society as stress levels escalate owing to the pace of our lives and the increasing demands on our time and energy.  Depression and anxiety are particularly prevalent amongst all age groups.  In this course Amarajyoti, will examine depression, anxiety and psychosis from both a Western and a Yogic point of view.  This will involve exploring some basic neuro-science and a variety of yogic practices to discover ways of bringing body and mind towards a more balanced state.

The course involves participants actively experiencing a range of simple yoga postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness/meditation, and relaxation/yoga nidra.  Course participants will be invited to develop their own experiences and explore how these practices may be of benefit to those suffering from mental health issues.  For all major mental health conditions there will be group discussions that pay attention to potential contraindications and safety issues when working with these practices and also teaching them to others.  

The course will include practical sessions, talks, related group work and Q&A sessions whereby participants have the opportunity to discuss issues and share personal experiences if appropriate.

The course is designed for those with an interest in developing their understanding of a range of mental health conditions, and how Yoga and Mindfulness practices can be used to facilitate their day-to-day management. It is suitable for yoga teachers, therapists and practitioners. All applicants will be required to complete a short questionnaire about their experiences and interest in mental health issues and yoga / meditation.  

Amarajyoti is a highly qualified and very experienced Yoga teacher. She first qualified in 1988 and has been teaching Yoga practices for mental health since 1997.  She has taught courses for the Mental Health Foundation in London, in Prisons and psychiatric day centres and she has been running Yoga Teacher Training courses for the use of Yoga in the field of Mental Health since 2000. She has delivered Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and courses in Mindfulness for Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

Amarajyoti has personal experience of mental health issues, including a serious mental health breakdown in 1969. Over the years she has been able to manage her condition without drugs and has been particularly helped by a daily yoga and meditation practice (including mindfulness). 




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