Yoga Therapy for the Back, Neck and Joints

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Tuesday 02 October 2018 to Saturday 06 October 2018
4 days
with Dr. Hania Katarina Kramlund

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This course is designed for both Yoga Teachers and practitioners.
Yoga Therapy is emerging as a valid practice of integrative health care. While the physical benefits of Yoga have been widely taught, little has been given on its therapeutic effects. This course is concerned specifically with the spine, neck and joints, how to remove or alleviate disorders and how to keep them in good shape so they can sustain your body into the future.
Through in-depth explanations, backed up by a hands-on anatomical models and a power-point presentation, you will learn and understand:
•    why we are so susceptible to disorders of the spine and joints
•    how our posture influences our breathing and mental  patterns    
•    why the correct foot position is so important for correct functioning of the diaphragm, breathing, as well as a healthy posture
•    which yogic techniques are best suitable for optimizing the health of the spine and joints
•    which asanas (yogic postures) are contra-indicated, or should be used with care for specific conditions /disorders
•    how can we prevent spine and joint injuries due to yoga practices
•    how we can enhance the depth of our meditation by correcting our sitting posture
•    how we can alleviate back and joint problems with techniques seldom used in the modern health care system
•    how diet can influence a better joint health
(Note: this programme has been already presented twice before. It is being repeated this year by popular demand for those who could not attend previously).
Dr. Hania Kramlund is a specialist in family and general  medicine in Sweden and has a degree in orthopedic medicine. She has also studied acupuncture for three years in China and Japan. A Yoga practitioner for many years, she became a Yoga teacher in 2002. She applies yogic techniques on daily basic in her current work as an occupational doctor. She is dedicated to bringing a scientific perspective into the teachings of Yoga and removing outdated asana practices which can harm the body.
Swamiji will give guided mediations related to Yoga Therapy, as well as Satsang (questions and answers) and Kirtan (chanting).

Recommendation by a student who attended a previous course:
Dear Hania,
In your course on Yoga Therapy, you inspired my Yoga teaching to take a more anatomical view. I went out and purchased an anatomical model spine and I’ve completed a further basic anatomy course. Accompanied by my model spine, I’m now teaching Yoga to children, sports people and to those who want a deeper understanding and appreciation of how Yoga practice positively affects the spine and body.




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8pm Tuesday


after lunch on Saturday (approximately 2pm)

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before 5.30pm on Tuesday