About the ashram

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Main entrance to the ashram on top of the hill

Mandala Yoga Ashram is an internationally renowned centre of yogic knowledge. It is dedicated to presenting yogic science, including meditation, to those who are seriously looking to awaken joy and develop harmony and depth in their life. Mandala Yoga Ashram is an independent institution which is not affiliated to any religious beliefs or sects; it is only concerned with awakening the intelligence and potential which exists innate in each human being. It is one of the few authentic ashrams outside of India. 

The ashram was founded bySwami Nishchalananda in 1986 to teach and propagate traditional yoga to the modern world whilst maintaining its high quality and original purpose. He is not just an inspiring and a much sought-after teacher, but also the author of a number of modern classical yogic books. 

The ashram offers courses and retreats on a wide range of yoga-related subjects. Our 2017 residential course calendar is now available. It includes a new 16-day course, spread over four months - bringing yoga and meditation into our daily life, based on the teachings of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra. There is another new course in 2017 - Meditation: the Essentials - which combines two residential retreats with 6 months of online teaching and feedback. We regularly run a high quality 2-year yoga teacher training course and other longer courses looking at particular aspects of yoga in-depth, for example on the chakras. People are also welcome to come and stay here, to experience the transformative effects of ashram life. Visitors can benefit from the ashram's well-stocked library with books on all aspects of yoga, as well as philosophy, psychology, religions and mythology. 

The ashram publishes an annual newsletter which gives in-depth articles on all aspects of yoga and how it can be used to enhance every part of your daily life. We also have a regular email Highlights from Mandala and our blog to give you inspiration for your yoga and spiritual journey. 

We have recordings of guided meditations, yoga nidra and chanting available from Bandcamp and the Ashram Shop.

Enjoying browsing our website and please contact us if you'd like more information or to talk about what we offer.